Title Authors Date Journal
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Remote control of muscle-driven miniature robots with battery-free wireless optoelectronics.

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and Vázquez-Guardado, Abraham and Park, Insu and Wang, Jiaojiao and Efimov, Andrew I. and Dou, Zhi and Wang,Yue and Park, Junehuand Luan,
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2023 Science Robotics. 8 (74) .
Multicurvature viscous streaming: Flow topology and particle manipulation.

Bhosale, Yashraj and Vishwanathan, Giridar and Upadhyay, Gaurav and Parthasarathy, Tejaswin and Juarez, Gabriel and Gazzola, Mattia.

2022 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 119 (36) .